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Sen. Cruz: Democrats Have Abandoned Working Class Americans and a Generation of Students

Appears on Fox News’ ‘Ingraham Angle’ and ‘The Joe Pags Show’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this week appeared on the ‘The Joe Pags Show' and Fox News' ‘Ingraham Angle' to discuss the working class future of the Republican Party, the Biden administration's dangerous immigration policies, and the need to fully reopen schools across the country. Highlights of these interviews are below.

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On the Democrats' radical policies and the working class future of the Republican Party, Sen. Cruz said:

"The left right now, they feel resurgent, and for them, it's about power. They want to hold on to power, they want to expand power. And when they have their power, they want to ram through their socialist vision for this country. [...] And for a long time, they [Democrats] have been on board with essentially what I'd call ‘America last,' standing with our enemies, standing with the Chinese Communist government, standing with unlimited open borders, and standing against the working men and women. And I think the most significant political change of the last decade has been that the heart and soul of the Republican Party - we are a working class party now. We are a blue-collar party. That's what we should have been, and that's what we are. And if we're standing with the men and women who want to work - right now, look at the Democratic Party. They want to close your businesses. They want your kids to stay home. They close the schools, open borders, abolish the police, make your life less safe, your kids less safe, your family less safe. They side with our enemies and they abandon our friends. It's all completely backwards. But the good news is also what you just said: they're revealing exactly who they are. What does it say that the governor of New York and the governor of California are both in freefall? Their ideas don't work." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Ingraham Angle,' 3/1/21)

On the dangerous immigration policies being enforced by the Biden administration at the southern border, Sen. Cruz said:

"You remember we had four years of news stories about kids in cages. Well, those cages are being expanded. They're being reopened. Now that Biden's running them, they're simply safe humanitarian locations. Of course, Obama built the cages. And the reason we have little boys and little girls being brought in by human traffickers is because of Obama's amnesty program that served as a magnet to begin with. But, when the DHS secretary says there isn't a crisis on the border, from his perspective, he believes that, because there's an old joke that the term ‘illegal alien' is no longer politically correct - the new term is ‘undocumented Democrat.' From his perspective, every person coming here illegally is another perspective voter. And the Democratic Party has abandoned the working class men and women, the millions of people who are out of jobs, who are seeing their wages pulled down, who are competing to provide for their families with people coming illegally. That's not who the Democratic Party represents anymore. They don't represent unions anymore. They don't represent construction workers, or truck drivers, or working men and women anymore. The Democratic Party today is the party of wealthy elites on both coasts. It's the party of Big Tech and Big Business. It's the party of universities. And from their perspective, the more cheap labor that flows in, particularly if they vote Democrat, the better. Now, we need to be standing with Americans." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Ingraham Angle,' 3/1/21)

On the continued school closures across the country, Sen. Cruz said:

"I want to point out the Democrats agenda is truly radical. What does it say? Even California is recalling Gavin Newsom. When you shut down schools, you know, 40 percent of kids K-12 right now are going to in-person school, 60 percent are not. That's a generation of kids being left behind and a significant chunk of whom are black or Hispanic, and the Democrats are abandoning them. This is an opportunity for common sense, and I think that's what we ought to be fighting now." (Sen. Cruz, Fox News' ‘Ingraham Angle,' 3/1/21)

"When it comes to schools being open, far too many Democrats are ignoring the science. It is an outrage. It is a national tragedy. How many kids are still not back in school or not in in-person learning? [...] I cannot imagine how difficult it would be for a single mom with several kids and without the resources to get any help. We are seeing millions of kids, and in particular low-income kids, African-American kids, Hispanic kids, that are just being left behind. [...]And it's because the Democrats care more about the union bosses of the teachers unions than they care about millions of kids getting left behind. The science unequivocally says that we can put our kids back in school safely. [...] And I think any time these Democratic politicians are home, they should be answering questions to parents. Why are you letting these kids be forgotten and left behind? Because that's what's happening right now." (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Joe Pags Show,' 3/1/21)

"More fundamentally, I think it's about money. The teachers unions are massive, massive donors to the Democrats to the tune of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. And not only that, but their political activists provide the boots on the ground in terms of organizing and turning out their vote. And let me be clear, there are teachers all across this country who love the kids they're teaching. They want to be back teaching, but they're union bosses are hard core activists. [...] And for Joe Biden, the Biden administration is willing to ignore the science, ignore the CDC that says kids should be back in school. It's safe and it hurts kids more not to be back in school. Then never mind about the science, because there's a whole lot of money from the teachers unions bosses that are willing to leave these kids behind even after the kids have been vaccinated. [...] Rich kids, they can hire tutors - they can they can spend money to take care of the kids. But for middle class kids, for low income kids, many of these kids who are simply getting left behind and today's Democratic Party as best I can - they are not behaving as if they care one bit about these kids." (Sen. Cruz, ‘The Joe Pags Show,' 3/1/21)

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