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Sen. Cruz: Democrats’ Biased & Baseless Impeachment Narrative is Falling Apart

Discusses ‘stunning’ IG report, partisan ‘show trial’ in the House, and diluted impeachment standard in several media appearances

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, appeared on several national radio and TV shows to discuss the fallout from House Democrats' impeachment circus and Inspector General Michael Horowitz's FISA report, which outlines serious misconduct at both the DOJ and FBI.

This morning, ahead of IG Horowitz's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Cruz appeared on Fox News' ‘America's News HQ' with Bill Hemmer, where he outlined his concerns with the glaring partisanship at the DOJ and FBI. As an alumnus of the DOJ, where he served as an Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Bush, Sen. Cruz said:

"The report that the Inspector General put out was nothing short of stunning. It is over 500 pages long and details over and over and over again the blatant misconduct unfortunately at the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice.

"The very best interpretation of what the Inspector General concludes as he lays out this incredible pattern of misstatement after misstatement after misstatement, the best you can conclude is that they were grossly negligent and incompetent and took the most cavalier lack of concern launching an investigation into a political opponent.

He continued:

"It's clear the senior leadership there were hard Democratic partisans. Because it's the only way you justify sending in spies, confidential informants to spy on the Trump campaign. This is when he is the Republican nominee for president. He is the leading contender on the Republican side. And the FBI is sending in spies to spy on his campaign. They are authorizing in October of the election year a wiretap. That was abuse and particularly when they knew the basis of it, they had the underlying fact that the basis was unreliable and was being paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. They were being a conduit for oppo [opposition] research from the other campaign. It's a sad day for the DOJ right now."

Sen. Cruz also appeared on the Hugh Hewitt show, where he discussed the difference between the partisan impeachment proceedings in the House and the balanced and fair proceedings expected in the Senate, saying:

"My view is what happened in the House was one-sided. It was a partisan show trial. They did not allow the President to cross-examine witnesses. They did not allow Republicans to call any witnesses. It was constructed entirely as a propaganda machine where they only had one side. They didn't want any exculpatory evidence. They didn't want any, they didn't want the full picture of the facts presented.

"Well, I think the Senate needs to and will do much, much better. We need to be fair. We need to respect due process. That means both sides needs to be able to present their case and present it fairly. That also means that if the president chooses to call witnesses, and in particular, the two most relevant witnesses are Hunter Biden and the whistleblower. And both of those, I believe, are critical fact witnesses to the central defense of the president."

When asked on the Ben Shapiro show about House Democrats' claim that the "integrity of our next election is at risk," Sen. Cruz said:

"Unfortunately, the partisan Democrats have been so consumed with rage that they decided that one of the things they're opposed to is democracy. They are opposed to the democratic processes. So in the Democrats' world, Trump didn't win in 2016, that election is illegitimate, if he wins again, they believe that will be illegitimate. Look, you have Democrat Stacey Abrams claim that she was elected Governor of Georgia.

He added:

"They live in a world where facts don't matter and the votes of the people don't matter. All that matters is if you're a sufficiently woke leftist. And, otherwise, democracy, that they fundamentally declared themselves enemies of. This is, the reason we are seeing impeachment voted on in Congress, is because House Democrats have never accepted the presidential election. They decided they wanted to impeach the president in November of 2016 and they are mad at the American people for voting for him. That is disgraceful and it's wrong."

Finally, earlier this week Sen. Cruz went on the Joe Pags show where he outlined how House Democrats' biased and baseless impeachment narrative against President Trump is falling apart:

"The Democratic Campaign Committee did polling and focus group tests and they found out that when people hear bribery they say, ‘Oh, that's really bad.' So they shifted all of their talking points to ‘bribery, bribery, bribery.' They just had one problem, there wasn't any bribery. And so they had the testimony that didn't back up their political talking points.

He continued:

"The House Democrats put out this 55-page report, where they backed away from their whole bribery theory and they said, ‘Okay, no, no, no, we don't have to prove any crime at all. We don't have to prove bribery, we don't have to prove any crime. We don't even have to prove that any law was broken. We don't even have to prove that it was a speeding ticket. Instead, we can impeach for anything we dislike. Anything - it's just a political determination.'"

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