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Sen. Cruz: Days Before Consequential Election, Big Tech Billionaires Acting As Democrats’ Willing Henchmen

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, appeared on CNBC's 'Squawk Box,' Fox News' 'Ingraham Angle,' ‘America's Newsroom,' ‘Hannity,' and Fox Business' ‘Mornings with Maria,' as well as Yahoo Finance's 'The First Trade,' ‘The Ben Shapiro Show,' ‘The Joe Pags Show,' and ‘The Glenn Beck Show' to discuss Big Tech's brazen political censorship, the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, and the stakes of the upcoming election. Interview highlights below.

WATCH: Cruz on Fox Blasts Big Tech for Censorship, Outlines Final Steps to Confirm Judge Barrett

On his efforts to defend free speech, protect the integrity of our elections, and subpoena Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, in the wake of Big Tech's repeated attempts to interfere in this election:

"This whole inquiry is about Joe Biden, who wants to be President of the United States, and about whether Joe Biden was personally corrupt. The China emails are offering to pay over a million dollars to the ‘big guy,' to Joe Biden himself, cash in his bank account, and the questions the Journal asked right near there. Did the deal go through? Did he take the money? How much money did Joe Biden take from communist China? What did he do for it? Those questions, to the best of my knowledge, haven't even been asked much less answered. You know, ABC had Joe Biden on for a townhall the day after these stories broke. They didn't ask a single question whether he had received millions from communist China and what he'd done in exchange for that." (Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox News' ‘America's Newsroom,' 10/21/20)

"The Democratic talking point has been ‘it's Russian disinformation.' Well, if it is, if the emails are fake, let someone demonstrate that. The Biden campaign is not alleged, that the emails are fake and the whole point of journalism, if this story is wrong. Fine. Then let's have reporting and let's actually figure out what happened. But Big Tech instead. Who in their right mind would want to have a handful of Silicon Valley billionaires have total control over what stories are allowed to be seen and what stories are not?" (Sen. Ted Cruz, Yahoo Finance, 10/21/20)

"Twitter and Facebook are both going to testify. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg are both going to testify. They're going to testify in person, they're going to testify before Election Day. That's what I think should happen. That's what I am fighting vociferously to make happen right now. [...] They need to testify in person and answer questions for the American people about why they are trying to steal this election, to suppress the free speech, and to censor the press." (Sen. Ted Cruz, ‘The Glenn Beck Show,' 10/20/20)

On the hearings and upcoming confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett:

"By the middle of Wednesday, when it when I came up to questioning, there were only two Democrats left in the entire room. The rest of them had fled the room and they'd given up on it. And I think at this point, they're trying to say just enough to appease their crazy radical base. You know, it was striking last week the hard left was trying to start a movement to have Dianne Feinstein thrown off the Judiciary, they're so mad about it. But I think they've given up. I think they recognize that Judge Barrett is going to be confirmed and by the end of next week, she'll be Justice Barrett." (Sen. Ted Cruz,' The Joe Pags Show,' 10/19/20)

"Judiciary Committee will vote on Thursday. She'll be voted out on Thursday. And then she will likely be confirmed on the Senate floor, I would say Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, but early next week is when she'll be confirmed." (Sen. Ted Cruz, ‘The Glenn Beck Show,' 10/20/20)

On his proposed constitutional amendment limiting the number of Supreme Court justices to nine to prevent Democrats from packing the Court:

"I think the Nancy Pelosi House would never pass it. But I do think it has a reasonable prospect of being voted on and getting every Senate Democrat on record. Right now, they're playing a game where all of them, I believe, intend to pack the court if they win. But they don't want to admit that because that's a very unpopular position with the American people. It's why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing such gymnastics to avoid answering the question. And so I'm hopeful that that between now and Election Day that Senate leadership will tee this up for a vote and get every Senate Democrat on record." (Sen. Ted Cruz, ‘The Ben Shapiro Show,' 10/20/20)

"Joe Biden said that his objective is to go ‘well beyond packing,' packing the Supreme Court. FDR tried to do it, it's an abuse of power. It would destroy the independence of the judiciary. The Democratic Party in 1937 rejected FDR, his attempt to do it. And that's what Joe Biden wants to do. It's abusing the Court. We need to preserve the independence of the Court and we need to defend our constitutional rights." (Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox Business' ‘Mornings with Maria,' 10/22/20)

On the high stakes of the upcoming election:

"Interestingly enough, it's not even the ideologically crazy stuff they [Democrats] want to do. It's trying to entrench their power. It's trying to pour into concrete that they will be in control. And so you're right. If the Democrats win, we'll see Chuck Schumer ending the filibuster. We'll see them adding two new states to the union. We'll see them adding millions of new voters to the rolls by granting amnesty to illegal aliens. And they will pack the Court if they win. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, they won't answer that question because the answer is yes." (Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox News' ‘Hannity,' 10/21/20)

"ABC didn't even ask [Joe Biden] him about the stories that had just broken about him potentially being paid, being offered millions of dollars in cash from communist China. I mean, it is stunning. And you know what they're counting on? They're counting on the voters being tired. [...] They want people to give up. [...] This election, if you care about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we've never seen an election this important." (Sen. Ted Cruz, ‘The Joe Pags Show,' 10/19/20)

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