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Sen. Cruz: Bringing Back Corrupt Pork-Barrel Spending Fills the Troughs For Washington D.C. Lobbyists

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In order to curry favor with entrenched Washington special interests, Democrats have signaled their intent to bring back "community-project funding," a desperate attempt to rebrand pork-barrel projects and revive the corrupt practice of earmarks.

As Democrats continue to push a bloated $1.9 trillion bill that has little to do with providing the relief Americans desperately need, you might have heard that two controversial projects - a rail expansion in California and a bridge in New York - have been cut from the bill. But if Democrats bring back earmarks it's unlikely these projects would go unfunded for long.

For too long, earmarks have long been used as a form of legal bribery enabling party bosses to pass irresponsible and bloated spending that have ballooned our trillion-dollar deficits and added to our staggering $28 trillion national debt.

But bringing back earmarks does more than merely replenish the lobbyists' troughs in Washington D.C. with billions of dollars of special interest spending - it would completely undo a crucial reform enacted a decade ago to restore public trust in Congress. Earmarks have had a historically corruptive influence on the legislative process, which led to the conviction of several Members of Congress and a ban on the practice in 2011.

Bottom Line: Sen. Cruz is focused on restoring fiscal sanity and leading the fight to ban earmarks to protect the legislative process and for the long-term fiscal health of generations of Americans.