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Sen. Cruz: ‘With the Spirit of Unity, Courage and Bravery, We Will Rebuild’

Receives a briefing from local officials, surveys storm damage and visits volunteers in Beaumont, Refugio, Victoria and Port Aransas; participates in press conference with Gov. Greg Abbott


VICTORIA, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today made several stops in Beaumont, Refugio, Victoria, and Port Aransas to visit volunteers, storm victims, and first responders, and survey storm damage.

In Beaumont, Sen. Cruz received a briefing from Mayor Becky Ames, County Judge Jeff Branick and Sheriff Zena Stevens at the Beaumont Water Treatment Plant, before visiting with volunteers at Christian Fellowship Worship Center. Sen. Cruz then traveled to Refugio to survey storm damage and receive briefing from Refugio County Sheriff Raul Gonzalez, Refugio Mayor Wanda Dukes, Woodsboro Mayor Kay Roach, and local emergency management officials.

In Victoria, Sen. Cruz participated in a press conference with Gov. Greg Abbott and Chancellor John Sharp and other local officials, regarding the Governor's Commission to Rebuild Texas.

Later, Sen. Cruz will travel to Port Aransas, where he will meet with Mayor Charles Bujan, clear debris from homes, and assist volunteers with relief efforts.

Still photos and video of Sen. Cruz's visits will be available here.

"I want to commend the teams of volunteers and relief workers who are working around the clock to help rebuild South Texas," Sen. Cruz said. "It is a testament to the can-do spirit that characterizes Texas in the face of this devastating storm. We've seen that Texas spirit on incredible display each and every day, and that's how we¹re going to rebuild. We are going to rebuild bigger and stronger than ever with that same spirit of unity, that same courage and bravery we've seen displayed over the past two weeks."

Sen. Cruz continued, "We also saw Congress come together in a bipartisan way and pass a major relief package focused on delivering critical aid for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. I was pleased to work with my colleague Sen. John Cornyn in the Senate where we roughly doubled the relief coming to the state of Texas- increased it to about 15.5 billion dollars. By securing and initial down payment of emergency funds here on the ground, our local leaders, our city leaders, our county leaders, our law enforcement have the resources to begin the rebuilding process. I'm very glad to see my colleagues come together in Congress to provide this relief. It was important, and a lot more is on the way."


Sen. Cruz receives a briefing from Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames and Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick, before surveying storm damage.

Sen Cruz with Woodsboro Mayor Kay Roach, Refugio County Sheriff Raul "Pinky" Gonzales at Refugio Community Center.




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