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ICYMI: Sen Cruz: Stand up for the Principles We Keep Promising the Voters We Believe

Speaks with Sean Hannity regarding President Obama’s Executive Amnesty

WASHINGTON, DC -- U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today called into the Sean Hannity Radio Show to discuss his Constitutional Point of Order to defund President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, that happened in the Senate on Friday.
Highlights are included below and you may listen to the full interview below:

“It’s interesting the Washington lexicon that it’s somehow treated as being unpleasant or being a trouble maker to try to honor the commitments you have made to your constituents, and to urge your colleagues to do the same.”
“What’s considered unpleasant in the Senate is not lack of civility – you can insult the heck out of each other although I don’t engage in that. What’s considered unpardonable is actually speaking the truth and doing what you said you would do and even worse making clear, shining the light on the fact that there are a whole lot of other people willing to do exactly the opposite of what they said they would do. That’s treated as the unpardonable sin, how dare you be so selfish – and it’s funny they use the term selfish – as to actually honor the commitments to your constituents. That’s not playing the rules of the game. Well, you know what the rules of the game have resulted in bankrupting our kids and grandkids and seeing our constitutional liberties eroded.  Enough is enough."