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ICYMI: Sen. Cruz Joins Vine to Advocate Internet Freedom

Posted a series of videos to protect innovation online

WASHINGTON, DC -- Today U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, published a series of social media posts celebrating Internet Freedom including his first videos uploaded to Vine.

His first Vine, a 6-second video, which explains his general approach to regulating the Internet is available here:

His second Vine explaining the negative consequences broadband would suffer under Title II reclassification is available here:

Additionally, Sen. Cruz posted a new YouTube video that explains the negative consequences of reclassifying the Internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act that is available here:

A video was also posted responding to comments made over the weekend by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minnesota:

Sen. Cruz previously promoted these ideas in an op-ed published in the Washington Post, a speech at Austin’s Capital Factory, and in a YouTube video:


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