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Freedom Minute: Sen. Cruz Recognizes Failure of Obamacare on Third Anniversary of Its Passage

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz today released his inaugural “Freedom Minute” segment discussing the third anniversary of the passage of Obamacare.


Hi, this is Ted Cruz with the Freedom Minute. This week marks the third anniversary of the passage of Obamacare. Unfortunately, Obamacare isn’t working. It’s pushing millions into the already struggling Medicaid system; it’s taking healthcare options away from seniors; it’s killing jobs; it’s preventing small businesses from expanding; and it’s raising taxes. If you’re a young person today your premiums are rising, you have fewer health insurance choices, and fewer doctors to choose from. If you’re a single Mom, Obamacare is making it harder and harder to find a job, and more and more employers are forcing workers to reduce their hours. We should unite in a bipartisan way to get our economy growing again and repealing Obamacare is the best way to start. This is Ted Cruz with the Freedom Minute.

On Friday, the senator also offered an amendment to the Senate Democrats’ budget to repeal Obamacare. Republicans stood united and voted unanimously in favor of the amendment. Although the fight is far from over, Sen. Cruz has pledged he will continue to bring this issue up for a vote as often as possible. As more information surfaces of the damaging impact this legislation will have on Americans and our healthcare industry, it is incumbent to the future of this nation to ensure that Obamacare is once and for all defunded and repealed.