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As Businesses Flock To Texas, Sen. Cruz Remains Focused on Economic Opportunity

WASHINGTON, D.C. - This week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) welcomed Elon Musk to Texas, following his announcement that he has moved to Texas. Musk's move comes on the heels of Tesla's July announcement that it would build their new Semi and the Models Y and 3 at a plant in Austin, joining SpaceX's already robust Texas presence.

Earlier this month, Silicon Valley giant Hewlett Packard Enterprise also announced its plan relocate their global headquarters from San Jose, California, to Spring, Texas.

Announcements like these have become commonplace as businesses flee the crushing regulations and sky-high taxes of Big Government all too commonplace in states like California. Companies like Toyota, McKesson, Charles Schwab, the PGA of America, and countless others from a host of industries have moved their headquarters to Texas in the last few years - creating thousands of jobs for hardworking Texans.

This fall, the Texas Governor's Office of Economic Development and Tourism stated that they were working on 196 active relocation or expansion projects. In Austin alone, 28 companies that have announced nearly 10,000 new Texas jobs just in 2020.

Sam Houston's guidance to "govern wisely and as little as possible" has inspired Texas leaders for generations, making Texas the economic powerhouse it is today. Texas has consistently been ranked the number one best state for business, and its low taxes and regulations help keep Texas' cost of living affordable. This makes Texas an ideal location for employees, allowing hard working men and women to keep more of their well-earned paychecks.

In addition, Texas offers more than just a business-friendly climate. A recent WalletHub study named Texas the second most diverse state in the United States and one of the top states for racial and ethnic diversity, linguistic diversity, and industry diversity.

BOTTOM LINE: Sen. Cruz believes America can and should look a lot more like Texas. That's why his number one priority in the Senate has been fighting for more jobs and greater economic opportunity for Texans and all Americans. Sen. Cruz remains committed to advancing legislation that creates an environment where small businesses can prosper and expand, allowing more people to achieve the American Dream.

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