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Sen. Cruz: Democrats Are Keeping Economy Shut Down to Benefit their Partisan Interests

Appears on ‘John Solomon Reports’ and highlights effort to stop deadly abortion pill, politicization of Department of Justice, and violent riots

HOUSTON, Texas - This week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) joined "John Solomon Reports" to discuss Democrats' cynical decision to keep the economy and schools shut down until Election Day and refusal to condemn violent rioting. While on the show, Sen. Cruz also highlighted the Obama-Biden administration's politicization of the Department of Justice. Finally, Sen. Cruz discussed his efforts to stop the sale of the deadly abortion pill and unwind the U.S. from China. Catch Sen. Cruz's full interview with John Solomon here. Excerpts are below.

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On Democrat leaders' cynical decision to keep schools and businesses shutdown, Sen. Cruz said:

"I believe that both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have decided they do not want to reach a deal, that they don't want to pass any significant legislation between now and Election Day. [...] They've made the really cynical political calculation to maximize the economic pain that Americans are feeling because in their judgment, the more people who are at home, who were broke, pissed off, and unemployed, the more likely they believe it is the Joe Biden wins in November. [...] But by all indicia, that appears to be the judgment they've made. They are all in on keeping the economy shut down, keeping people out of work, keeping schools shut down because they believe it benefits their political and partisan interests."

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On the deadly abortion pill and the need for the FDA to protect life, Sen. Cruz said:

"The abortion pill has been used to end the lives of more than over 3.7 million unborn children. But it's also caused 24 maternal deaths and it's resulted in over four thousand adverse maternal reactions, things like hemorrhage and extreme abdominal pain and in life threatening infections. And so we're urging the FDA to step in and protect life, protect life not only of unborn children, but protect the life of the mothers. Because during this pandemic, moms are using this drug and are at risk of serious negative health reactions."

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On the politicization of the Department of Justice under President Obama, Sen. Cruz added:

"We have seen at the end of the Obama administration and at the beginning of the Trump administration and the deep state, an extraordinary abuse of power. During eight years of the Obama-Biden presidency, we saw law enforcement and intelligence politicized and weaponized. Turned in to an affirmative weapon to go after President Obama and Vice President Biden's political enemies. And they turned the Department of Justice into a political weapon. They turned the FBI into a political weapon. They turned the CIA into a political weapon. Sadly, that didn't end on Election Day. Trump came into office and the Obama-Biden administration had embedded hard partisans within law enforcement that continued to wage a never-ending attack on the president and to be willing to lie, cheat, and steal to do it."

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On the need to fundamentally reassess our relationship with China, Sen. Cruz said:

"I have been leading the fight to recognize China as the single greatest geopolitical threat facing the United States over this next century and to take serious, focused action to defend ourselves and to stop China's hostility and aggression. [...] Joe Biden has been one of the most vocal China promoters we've seen talking about is what was, for many, the conventional wisdom in Washington that getting in bed with China, increasing our dependence on them, increasing trade with them, that that was all good for America. Well, that is completely false. I think the most significant foreign policy consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is going to be a fundamental reassessment of the United States' relationship with China and the rest of the world's relationship with China. And we need to recognize they are fighting a thousand-year war and their objective is complete and total global domination."

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On national Democrats' refusal to condemn violent rioters, Sen. Cruz said:

"Everybody has the right to free speech. Everyone has a right to speak. [...] What nobody has the right to do is to commit crimes of violence. Nobody has a right to assault their fellow citizen. Nobody has a right to firebomb a police car. Nobody has a right to loot or destroy or burn a small business. Nobody has a right to murder a police officer, as we've seen tragically over and over and over again. And this violence, this rioting, these assaults, these fires, these murders - are occurring with the active cheerleading and complicity of far too many elected Democrats. National Democrats - none of them will denounce Antifa and the BLM violent radicals who are committing acts of assault."

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