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Sen. Cruz: Given a Choice Between the Men and Women in This Country and the Radical Mob, Democrats ‘Side With the Mob’

Discusses the latest from the DNC Convention and universal mail-in voting on Fox News’ ‘Ingraham Angle’ and the ‘Michael Berry Show’

WASHINGTON, D.C. - As the Democratic National Convention opened last night, Sen. Cruz joined Fox News' "Ingraham Angle" and Houston's Michael Berry Show to discuss the Democrats' embrace of the radical Left at the DNC Convention, the recent push for universal mail-in voting, and the Democrats' insistence on defeating Donald Trump by playing partisan games with Coronavirus relief negotiations. Catch Sen. Cruz's full interview with Laura Ingraham here and with Michael Berry here. Excerpts are below.

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On the Democrats' embrace of the radical Left, Sen. Cruz said:

"Tonight was Bernie Sanders' night. Tonight, John Kasich is promising voters, ‘Don't pay attention to all the craziness on the Democratic side. Joe isn't that crazy.' Well, you know who didn't believe John Kasich? Bernie Sanders didn't believe John Kasich, because Bernie Sanders stood up there and said ‘Our radical socialist agenda has won. We have taken over the Democratic party and Joe Biden is ours.' And that really underscores the stakes of this election. If the Democrats win, you are looking at Bernie in ascension. You're looking at AOC. Mark my words, Elizabeth Warren as Treasury Secretary. Bernie might be Secretary of State. These are radicals and that's where the Democratic party is. I don't think that's where the American people are." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Ingraham Angle', Fox News, 8/17/20)

"The Democrats today are the party of the rich. They're the party of coastal elites. They're the party of Manhattan and San Francisco. Kamala Harris was a bold move to lock down the vote in San Francisco. And that's who they are trying to appeal to, is the radical left. When it comes to working men and women, when it comes to union members, when it comes to the Ohio steelworker, they were nowhere to be found." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Ingraham Angle', Fox News, 8/17/20)

"The Democrats have said, ‘We care more about the woke mob than we do about standing with cops, firefighters, or working men and women.' And to go tonight without saying a meaningful word about the riots, about the police officers being murdered, it is an example of how the Democratic party, they are getting more and more extreme. It's all because they hate Donald Trump. That's what they stand for radical leftism and hating Trump. I don't think that's a majority vision in America." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Ingraham Angle', Fox News, 8/17/20)

On Democrats' refusal to stand up to the mob and violent rioters, Sen. Cruz added:

"We have seen whether it is Representative Pressley, or earlier Maxine Waters, who urged people to engage in civil unrest, essentially encouraged the rioters. You had in Minneapolis when Antifa, when mobs were firebombing stores and police cars you had the Attorney General of Minnesota holding up the Antifa handbook and his son the Minneapolis city councilman saying ‘I stand with Antifa.' The Democratic Party, when given a choice between the safety and security of the men and women in this country versus the radical mob, they've said, ‘We side with the mob.'" (Sen. Cruz, ‘Ingraham Angle', Fox News, 8/17/20)

On Democrats' push for universal mail-voting and the open invitation for voter fraud, Sen. Cruz added:

"On the federal government level, I do not think you're going to see any federal legislation that provides for universal mail-in voting because it is far too subject to voter fraud. It's far too easy for unscrupulous political operators to try to steal people's votes. Now, I think that's also a big part of the reason why the Democrats want it. That's precisely what they're after. On the federal level, I don't think the president is going to sign anything that allows universal mail-in voting. And I hope and don't believe that a Republican Senate would sign off on it. But what we will see is in blue states, in states where the Democrats control them, I think we're already seeing more and more states moving to expanding mail-in voting. And that threat of voter fraud is real." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Michael Berry Show', 8/17/20)

"So they are pushing for this scheme that they call universal mail-in voting, because they want everyone to vote by mail. And the reason they want it is that mail-in voting is particularly susceptible to voter fraud. [...]And the Democrats want to be able to enable voter fraud, that's what the whole post office nonsense is about. It's because they are trying to be in a position to steal the election. It's about their hatred for Donald Trump." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Ingraham Angle', Fox News, 8/17/20)

On the current negotiations regarding the COVID-19 crisis and Democrats' cynical decision keep the country shut down and the American people at home until Election Day, Sen. Cruz said:

"Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue to want to play partisan games with it. I think they've made a political judgment that doing nothing is in their best interests politically. That they think it helps elect Joe Biden if as many Americans as possible are out of work, are stuck at home, are broke, are unemployed, are pissed off. I think Pelosi and Schumer are gambling that the people that are pissed off are going to be angry at the polls and are going to vote against the president. And I think that's a very cynical decision, but that sure seems to be the decision they're making." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Michael Berry Show', 8/17/20)

On the importance of the 2020 election and what's at stake in November, Sen. Cruz said:

"Every four years people say this is the most important election of our lifetime. I've never seen an election like this. I think our country has gone, too many people in our country, have gone crazy. To see rioting in the streets, to see 51 million people having lost their jobs. I think if the Democrats win, if we wake up in January with a Biden, Schumer, Pelosi government, the damage they will do to this country in two years will exceed everything done by Barack Obama in eight years." (Sen. Cruz, ‘Michael Berry Show', 8/17/20)

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