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Sen. Cruz Applauds FCC Decision to Reject Phoenix TV License Application

Decision follows introduction of BEAMS Act, Sen. Cruz’s legislation to stop China from propagandizing to Americans from radio stations in Mexico and Canada

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today issued the following statement after the Federal Communications Commission rejected the application for a license enabling a radio station secretly "used and maintained" by Phoenix Radio, a company owned by Phoenix TV, which is subject to control by the Chinese Communist Party, to broadcast Chinese programs into the U.S. from Mexico and specifically ordered operations to cease operations within 48 hours:

"Phoenix TV is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party that broadcasts propaganda across the United States. I have long fought to expose and stop a scheme in which a Phoenix TV company was waging information warfare from a radio station across the border in Mexico. The Federal Communications Commission found on the basis of highly classified information that indeed the Phoenix TV company secretly used and maintained a studio to produce the radio station's content, and put a stop to it for now.

"Today's decision sends an important message to the world that the U.S. will not allow China to exploit FCC loopholes and spread its propaganda over our airwaves. More importantly, this decision is a critical step in countering the Chinese Communist Party's efforts to control what Americans see, hear, and ultimately think.

"China is the greatest geo-political threat facing America and our allies now and through the next century. Congress and the administration have a role to play in addressing that threat, including passing my BEAMS Act and putting a stop to schemes such as the Phoenix TV for good."


Sen. Cruz announced in April and introduced last month the Blocking Evasive Attempts to Manipulate Signals Act or BEAMS Act, legislation to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from exploiting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loopholes to propagandize to Americans from radio stations in Mexico or Canada, including through stations entangled with Chinese state-owned media outlets such as Phoenix TV. The legislation is part of Sen. Cruz's comprehensive push to counter Chinese propaganda.

Read the full text of the BEAMS Act here.

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