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Sen. Cruz on CBS This Morning: This Isn't a Democratic or Republican Virus - This Is a Serious Public Health Crisis & We Need to Take It Seriously

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today called into CBS This Morning from his home in Texas, where he announced his decision to extend his self-quarantine until March 17 out of an abundance of caution.

WATCH: Sen. Cruz on CBS This Morning Discusses Decision to Extend Self-Quarantine

Sen. Cruz reassured viewers that he is feeling healthy and experiencing no symptoms, saying:

"I remain strong and healthy and have no symptoms. And based on the medical advice I've received, there's very little reason to be concerned. But given the gravity of this health crisis, it is also wise to be prudent and when you've encountered people who have tested positive, the best way to prevent the spread of this disease is social distancing and preventing unnecessary potential transmission."

He then discussed immediate steps the U.S. can take to reduce the spread of this outbreak, saying:

"There are a great many public policy steps we need to take to prevent this outbreak. And I think testing is an important piece of it. We need to do a much better job getting tests in the field, allowing private labs to move forward. I was gratified to see the Mayo lab has made progress in developing a rapid test.

"We also need to get protective materials like masks and surgical gloves and disinfectants out in much larger numbers. And we need to be focusing on the critical resources for hospitals, things like ventilators. That if it escalates as we've seen in China, as we've seen it do in Italy and Iran, we need to make sure our hospitals have sufficient equipment to care for people who are seriously ill."

Finally, Sen. Cruz reminded viewers of their role in reducing the spread of the disease, including hand washing and avoiding large gatherings:

"The last I checked, this isn't a Democratic virus or a Republican virus. This is a dangerous virus. This is a serious public health crisis. We need to take it seriously.

"Now at the same time, we shouldn't give in to panic or hysteria. We need to follow the science. We need to listen to the medical professionals and the doctors. The doctors are advising there are a lot of things we can do. If you are a senior, particularly if you have serious health conditions, the medical advice is stay home. I can tell you what I've advised both of my parents. My dad is 81, my mom's 85. I've advised both of them just stay home. I told my mom, ‘You don't need to go out. Stay in your apartment. If you need food, order it online.' [...] Right now, those who are most vulnerable to this virus are seniors with other health issues.

"We need to be wise and prudent. We also need to do things like wash our hands regularly, soap and water is very effective on this virus. Avoid going to large gatherings."

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