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Sen. Cruz in Fox News Op-Ed: 'Now More Than Ever, Democrats in Congress Need to Finally Do Their Jobs and Work With Republicans and President Trump to Secure Our Border'

Sits down with NBC DFW’s Julie Fine, pens op-ed for Fox News highlighting ongoing border crisis

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) spoke to Julie Fine of NBC in Dallas, and penned an op-ed for Fox News to discuss the security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border, as well as the stonewalling from congressional Democrats. Earlier this month, Sen. Cruz toured the largest immigration processing center in the country, the Rio Grande Valley Centralized Processing Center, and received a briefing from Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials in ‘Rincon Village', ground zero for undocumented border crossings located near Mission, Texas.

U.S. Border Crisis by the Numbers in the Rio Grande Valley
50,000 apprehensions in the RGV sector in May
12 deaths at the border last week
1,400 fraudulent families detected
30 hospital trips each day
50% of single males apprehended at the border had a child with them, up from 2% in 2014
60 countries of origin for individuals apprehended
60% of border patrol agents at detention centers, instead of the border

In the NBC DFW interview, Sen. Cruz highlighted the loopholes in immigration law that led to a massive influx of over 144,000 apprehensions on the southern border in May alone, a record.

"I am deeply concerned," Sen. Cruz said. "We have an absolute crisis at the border, and congressional Democrats are blocking any meaningful solutions. You know, in the month of May, we apprehended over 144,000 people coming across the border illegally. It is swamping communities at the border, I am hearing from elected officials from mayors, from sheriffs, I am hearing from police chiefs, many of them democrats, who are saying that they simply cannot handle this volume. 144,000 in the month of May, if it continues on that pace for a year that would be nearly 2 million people coming over illegally."

When asked who was at fault for the humanitarian crisis on the border, Sen. Cruz highlighted the trafficking of children by illegal immigrants causing nearly 30 percent of family units to be fraudulent, according to the Rio Grande Valley CBP.

"I can tell you, I've been fighting for seven years to fix this problem," Sen. Cruz said. "I'll give you an amazing statistic I learned in the Rio Grande Valley. The Rio Grande Valley sector is the number one sector for illegal crossings in the country today. In 2014, just five years ago, the adult single males that were crossing into this country, roughly two percent of them had kids with them. Today, do you know what that number is? It's 50 percent. Roughly 50 percent of adult single males coming across have children with them. Now, why is that? It's congress' fault. Because of the loopholes we have in place, if you're a drug trafficker, if you're a gang member, if you're an adult single man, and you bring a child with you, that child is effectively a get out of jail free card."

Sen. Cruz's full interview with Julie Fine may be viewed here.

Sen. Cruz also penned an op-ed for Fox News, where he called on Democrats in Congress to act and solve the border crisis saying, "Now more than ever, Democrats in Congress need to finally do their jobs and work with Republicans and President Trump to secure our border."

Read the op-ed in its entirety here and blow:

Sen. Ted Cruz: To secure our border, take these important and effective actions
By: Sen. Ted Cruz
July 13, 2019

Since last October, over 500,000 illegal immigrants have been apprehended at our southern border, many of them having traveled through Mexico from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

About 200,000 of those illegal immigrants were single adults, another 330,000 were part of family units, and over 56,000 of them were unaccompanied children.

In May alone, Customs and Border Protection apprehended over 144,000 people coming through the southern border. If that pace continues, we're looking at nearly 2 million apprehensions in a single year. That is a staggering number of people for Texas and other border states to take in, and it's depleting the resources of small communities.

Texas is being overwhelmed by the magnitude of illegal immigrants flooding into small communities. Due to inaction by Congress, these communities are left holding the bag on where the migrants will stay, how they will receive medical care, and where they will go when released.

Last week I visited the Rio Grande Valley and toured the Rio Grande Valley Centralized Processing Center, which is the largest immigration processing center in the United States. I also traveled to "Rincon Village," which is ground zero for illegal border crossings near Mission, Texas. What I saw there was staggering.

In 2014 - just five years ago - only 2 percent of adult men crossing illegally into the Rio Grande Valley had a child with them. Today that number is roughly 50 percent. The word is out among traffickers, smugglers, and others seeking to illegally enter the United States that coming with a child is a free pass at our border.

I also learned that a recent pilot program used rapid DNA tests to discover whether these family units were real. Nearly 30 percent were found to be fraudulent - in other words, the adults weren't related to the children. Many of those kids experience horrific physical and sexual abuse, and there are far too many reports of children being rented or sold to help traffickers and smugglers cross the border.

In response to the massive numbers of illegal immigrants coming through the border, 60 percent of Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley are helping to process and care for family units.

Only 40 percent of Border Patrol agents are now dedicated to border security, further exacerbating the problem. They've canceled their horseback patrol on the border. Instead, in just the last week, Border Patrol agents in the Valley made 30 trips to the hospital each day, and 12 people died.

This is a security and humanitarian crisis. It's an emergency. And Texans see it firsthand every single day.

Now more than ever, Democrats in Congress need to finally do their jobs and work with Republicans and President Trump to secure our border.

One idea I've raised for securing the border involves using El Chapo's criminally forfeited fortune to build a border wall. To that end, I've introduced the EL CHAPO Act, which would reserve money and assets forfeited as a result of the criminal prosecution of El Chapo and other drug kingpins for building a border wall and securing our border.

I'm also a cosponsor of the WALL Act, which would fully fund the border wall by closing loopholes that provide illegal immigrants with federal benefits and tax credits, without affecting the benefits and tax credits used by Americans.

These bills are two commonsense ways to secure our border. Everyone should support taking money from murderers, drug smugglers, and human traffickers like El Chapo and using it to prevent murder, drug smuggling, and human trafficking - all without costing American taxpayers one dime.

The Senate should also take up and pass legislation closing loopholes in our asylum system, increasing the number of immigration judges, and providing expedited processing for asylum claims so that those who do not qualify for asylum can be quickly returned to their home countries instead of being released into the United States.

These are necessary reforms that need to happen. Democrats in Congress must acknowledge this reality and work with Republicans and President Trump to reform our broken immigration system. It's irresponsible, it's unjust, and it's heartless to ignore this ongoing crisis.

I will continue to work tirelessly in Congress to convince my Democratic colleagues that we have a serious crisis on the border, and that they need to work with Republicans and take action now.




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