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ICYMI: Sen. Cruz: ‘Houston Will Come Back Stronger Than Ever Because That’s The Spirit of Who We Are’

Joins ‘Fox and Friends,’ and other national and local media at the George R. Brown Convention Center shelter

HOUSTON, Texas – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today joined ‘Fox and Friends’ and other national and local media at the George R. Brown Convention Center shelter to discuss the ongoing rescue and recovery operations for Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey. Sen. Cruz also discussed the incredible spirit of Texans helping fellow Texans, demonstrating an outpouring of love, support, and care for storm victims.

On ‘Fox and Friends’ Sen. Cruz discussed the gratitude expressed by Houstonians for the outpouring of support from fellow Texans and across the nation:

“The conversations I’ve had [at George R. Brown], the overwhelming sentiment is gratitude,” Sen. Cruz said to Fox News' Brian Kilmeade. “People who have been pulled from their houses, people who have been airlifted off by helicopters as water rose through their homes or walked through rushing water to get out, people who have lost everything. More than anything they just express gratitude to be alive and safe. It's inspiring, given it is obviously deeply traumatic to lose your home, to lose everything you have, to lose wedding pictures, and all sorts of things that are near and dear to your heart and yet the sentiment over and over again I’m hearing is people are just saying, “Thank God I’m alive. Thank God my kids are alive, and we're safe.’ And people are starting, they’ve escaped the rushing waters and people are now starting to think about the difficult task ahead of us of rebuilding in the wake of this horrific storm.”

With local affiliates at George R. Brown, Sen. Cruz offered prayers for those still in harm’s way, and thanked first responders for their efforts:

“Beaumont is getting hit very, very hard by the storm right now,” Sen. Cruz said. “Louisiana is getting hit by the storm right now. And so our prayers are with those who are in immediate harm’s way as the search and rescue continues.”

Sen. Cruz continued, “We’re seeing a really incredible outpouring of love and support and care, and that will be ongoing. It is terrific here seeing all of the volunteers who come out and help. Especially all of the young people. It’s really nice to see college students, to see high school kids coming out saying, ‘How can I help my community?’ How can I make a difference for people in need?’ That has been, throughout this devastating storm, the most inspiring part of it all is the response of Texans coming together. Texans helping Texans and the unity we're seeing. We will make it through this storm and on the other side we will rebuild. To those that lost their homes, those who lost their businesses, that's an enormous trauma. It’s very difficult to deal with. But we will rebuild, we will come together and Texas will come back stronger than ever. Houston will come back stronger than ever because that's the spirit of who we are.”

Watch Sen. Cruz’s full interviews below:


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