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The News with Sen. Cruz - February 21, 2014

Every time I come home, I'm reminded of our state's great entrepreneurial spirit.

Texas' grit and ingenuity are on display all the way from Beaumont to Midland, where our energy industry has boomed. Today, a new Great American Energy Renaissance with strong Texas roots is underway that I hope will sweep the nation.

Please keep reading for more on my recent visit to Beaumont and other updates from the Senate.

All the best,

TC Sig
Ted Cruz

Sen. Cruz Speaks in Beaumont on the Need for an Energy Renaissance

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On Wednesday, Sen. Cruz held a press conference at the Spindletop Museum in Beaumont to discuss his plan to promote energy development and revive the economy. Here are some highlights:

"Restoring jobs and economic growth is the number one priority for Americans and we have a clear path before us to do exactly that. A Great American Energy Renaissance is now underway that we should embrace.

"This week brings us the fifth anniversary of President Obama's failed economic stimulus, which reminds us that jobs are not created by the federal government; they are created by innovative, hard-working American people. This was true when Spindletop became a boomtown and it's true today. The only difference is an out-of-control federal government didn't stand in Spindletop's way.

"It should be in the interest of every Republican, Democrat, Independent, and Libertarian to support the new energy revolution.

“It's clear that President Obama's agenda is dragging our economy down. Obamacare is killing jobs, his energy regulations are killing jobs, and his ideas to mandate a higher minimum wage will kill even more jobs. We don't need more anti-growth ideas; what we need is a Great American Energy Renaissance to save us from the Obama economy."

Speaking with CNN

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This week, Sen. Cruz spoke with CNN about the recent vote to suspend the debt limit. "Last week actually is a perfect illustration of everything that's wrong with Washington," he said.

“What I try to keep an eye on is the fact that I don't work for the party bosses in Washington, I work for the 26 million in Texas.”

The Free World Stands with the People of Ukraine

This week, Sen. Cruz expressed his concern regarding the escalating crisis in Ukraine. The people of Ukraine have boldly defended their rightful freedoms, and Sen. Cruz called on Americans and the world to not lose sight of the increasingly dangerous situation. Here are some key quotes:

“The people of Ukraine need to know that the free world stands with them as they protest the actions of President Viktor Yanukovych designed to destroy their constitutional rights and drive their country into the sphere of influence of Vladimir Putin’s resurgent Russia.

“The world cannot afford to be distracted by the Olympic festivities in Sochi as just next door liberty-seeking Ukrainians are brutalized by their own government. A free and prosperous Ukraine is a natural partner for the United States and our European allies. We should be defending our interests in Ukraine both by quickly imposing economic sanctions against the government officials responsible for human rights abuses and by offering mutually-beneficial economic cooperation in the event that real democratic reforms are implemented.

“The United States should fulfill its historic tradition of speaking out forcefully on behalf of those who cry out for freedom and against those who would silence them.”

Sen. Cruz Speaks with Janet Mefferd on Marriage Bill

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On Monday, Sen. Cruz discussed the new marriage bill, The State Marriage Defense Act, he coauthored with Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah. A few of the memorable moments are below:

“We have seen a steady assault on marriage… it’s been an assault that has been led in significant part by the Obama Administration. President Obama is the most hostile to traditional marriage president the United States has ever seen. The Administration used its power to try to force gay marriage on all 50 states.

“[Recent court actions demonstrate] judicial activism run amok. That has been the reason for the litigation assault. The advocacy groups understood that they would be far more likely to convince the judges to set aside the laws of the States than it was to convince the American people. That’s not how our democracy works.

“I am encouraged by millions of men and women who are speaking out, and I think that’s going to be the answer for turning the country around. The answer is not going to come from Washington; it’s going to come from the American people.”