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Sen. Cruz Statement on Continuing Resolution Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today voiced his support for legislation that would fund the government at current levels into 2024.

About the legislation, Sen. Cruz said, “For months, I have been calling on Senate Republicans to support the efforts of our House Republican colleagues, so we can work together and present a united front in our negotiations with President Biden and Democrats over federal spending.

“The House just recently selected Mike Johnson as Speaker, and when he looked at the looming government shutdown he made the responsible decision to move the deadline until after the holidays. While I hate funding the government through continuing resolutions, Congress is notorious for greenlighting serious spending increases and radical policy changes last-minute, right before Christmas, when Members of Congress simply want to leave town and will agree to nearly anything in order to do so. Speaker Johnson’s plan lowers the temperature, giving Republicans the opportunity to work together and agree on more responsible appropriations bills as they negotiate with the White House. I think it’s a sound proposal from our new Speaker, so I supported it.”