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e-Newsletter: Week of May 3rd

Good Evening,

What we are seeing in New York and across the country on college campuses is disgraceful. These radical protestors don’t just hate Israel, they hate Jews. And they don’t just hate Jews, they also hate America. They are radical Marxists, and their support for Hamas is sick, demented, and evil.


“This is America. This is not Poland pre-World War II. … [This chaos] is a result of the sickness that has taken over our universities. Cultural Marxism has infiltrated and seized control of the faculty and the administration. These are violent protesters that are threatening the lives and the safety of Jewish students. … Where is Joe Biden tonight? Where is the Attorney General tonight? Where is the FBI tonight? Where is the governor of New York tonight? I think back to … when racist Democrats in the 1950s blocked the integration of public schools. President Eisenhower stood up and sent in the National Guard. Why will Joe Biden not do so?”

As the Ranking Member on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, I am committed to ensuring the safety of the traveling public. I took to the Senate floor this week to praise the merits of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization that has been the culmination of an engaged bipartisan and bicameral coalition. I am especially proud of the numerous provisions in this bill to institute more expansive safety measures across the aviation industry, and the provisions that will help grow Texas’s thriving aerospace sector. This comprehensive bill bolsters the FAA at a time when the agency needs support.


“This bill, negotiated by Chair Cantwell and myself with the leadership of the House Transportation & Infrastructure and Science Committees, is a bicameral and a bipartisan accomplishment. It is the culmination of many months of work between us and our staffs and is reflective of the priorities of a great many senators. On the Republican side alone, more than 200 member priorities were included. I am especially proud of the numerous provisions that make for a safer and more convenient travel experience for Texans and for consumers across the nation, and for the provisions that will help grow Texas’s thriving aerospace sector. It will make significant strides in aviation safety, the primary mission of the FAA and something I know that all of us care deeply about. It will provide a clear path forward to integrate new advanced aviation technologies and will makes it easier for flyers to get upfront information on ticket prices.”

Within my capacity as Ranking Member on the Senate Commerce Committee, I have also teamed up with Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) to introduce the Kids Off Social Media Act. As the parent of two teenage daughters, I share the valid concerns of parents across the country regarding the negative impact social media has had on our children’s mental health. No child should be innocently beholden to a suggested content algorithm that promotes eating disorders, self-harm, and more. My legislation will protect our children from consuming this traumatizing content on the internet that is damaging their mental health.


“Number one, [this bill] restricts kids under 13 [from being] on social media. There's no reason for a kid under 13 to be dealing with all of the peer pressure, [and] all of the negative messaging that comes from social media. Number two, this bill for kids under 17, prohibits Big Tech companies from using algorithmic boosting to push messages to them … that are addictive, [and] can be harmful. Additionally, this bill includes a separate bill that I introduced called the ‘Eyes On The Board’ bill which provides federal funding [to schools that] have to block social media on campus. So, when your kids are in school they ought to be listening to the teacher, doing their schoolwork, and not sitting there on Instagram posting throughout the class.”

Rest assured, I am committed to fighting for a better future for our country. God Bless! 

Keep Texas Strong,



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