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e-Newsletter: Week of January 26th

Good Evening,

School choice is the civil rights issue of the 21st Century. For over a decade, I’ve been the leading the fight for school choice in the U.S. Senate. I firmly believe that every single child deserves access to an exceptional education regardless of their zip code, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status. I was proud to sign-on to the resolution designating January 21st – January 27th, 2024, as National School Choice Week because building a stronger America starts in our K-12 classrooms.


On Monday, I joined Sean Hannity on Fox News to discuss Joe Biden’s decision not to secure the border, but to turn it into a processing center.


“In 45 years, we had made incredible progress securing the border, and Joe Biden deliberately, systematically dismantled it. If you look at the numbers, we went from the lowest rate in 45 years to right now, today, the highest rate of illegal immigration in history ever. … It was a deliberate decision, and when he asked for more money, it's not more money to build a wall. It's not more money to secure the border. He wants more money to process illegal immigrants faster, to move even more of them to every city in America. He wants to take that 9.6 million and make it 20 million, make it 30 million, make it 40 million. It is an invasion, and Texas is bearing the brunt, but every community in America is paying the price.”

On Tuesday, I welcomed Texans from across the Lone Star State to Capitol Hill for Texas Tuesday, where we discussed key issues impacting our state’s education, financial, infrastructure, and healthcare systems.


On Wednesday, I attended a press conference where I addressed the unimaginable suffering that has taken place at the border. Despite this, Senate Republican leadership wants to slap a band-aid on a bullet hole with their border legislation. The American people deserve better.


“The Biden Border Crisis is an absolute humanitarian disaster, and Democrats don’t care. … As bad as we think the bill is, I promise you it's worse. The people pushing this deal know that if the American people knew what was in it, they would be against it. This supplemental bill is a kamikaze plane in a box canyon with no exit, headed for a train wreck. … [It] represents Senate Republican leadership waging war on House Republican leadership. It's not designed to secure the border and it won't secure the border, and that's why leadership have wants it kept in secret. They don't want anyone to see the text of it. Republicans in the Senate ought to have the sense and sanity to say secure the border, or else we're not going to go along with providing fig leaves to cover up the deliberate failure of Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

On Thursday, I joined America Reports on Fox News to express my unwavering support for Texas lawmakers as the Lone Star State is stepping up to defend ourselves from this border crisis instigated by Joe Biden.


“I'm proud to stand with our governor. I'm proud to stand with our state legislature. … Under Biden, 9.6 million illegal immigrants have come into this country. This is deliberate. … Under federal law, it is the federal government's responsibility to stop this, but Joe Biden and the Washington Democrats are defying federal law. So, the state of Texas is stepping up and saying we're going to defend ourselves. Greg Abbott is exactly right – Article One Section 10 of the Constitution gives states the authority, what Justice Scalia referred to as the sovereign rights of states to protect themselves from an invasion. That's what Texas is doing.”

Rest assured, I will not give up in the fight to secure our border. God Bless!

Keep Texas Strong,



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