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Democrats: Abandoning Blue-Collar Workers

With less than 100 days until the presidential election, the Democrats are in a gallop to the far, far Left, and they are leaving the American people behind.

This time, they're ABANDONING America's blue-collar energy workers and everyday consumers while EMBRACING Green New Deal Enthusiasts and climate alarmists.

You might have missed that Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, a key architect of the radical "Green New Deal," recently filed an amendment that would block the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from issuing a permit for the construction of oil or gas pipelines. Put another way: AOC's dangerous initiative would block construction and maintenance to nearly 8,000 pipeline projects that have helped America's growing energy sector thrive and provided affordable energy to communities all across the country.

Democrats are not just pushing policies that are openly hostile to energy workers and that threaten our energy independence, they're also aiming to raise costs significantly for American households, as heating our homes, driving our cars, flying on planes and many of the common products we use in our daily lives would become dramatically more expensive.

Just a few weeks ago, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who gets his advice on energy matters from radicals like AOC, formally unveiled his $2 trillion "clean energy" proposal. The plan seeks to "transform" the American blue-collar economy into a "green" economy at the expense of hundreds of thousands of good paying jobs.

In addition to proposing policies that would eviscerate the hydraulic fracturing industry, Biden is calling for an emissions-free power grid by 2035, an entire decade ahead of California's extremely radical plan for 100 percent clean electric power by 2045.

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In 2020, Californians have seen more than a 13 percent increase in their electricity prices over 2019 prices, while the rest of the country saw their average price of residential energy fall. Taking California's policy nationwide would lead to rising consumer costs, squeezing working-class families at a time when they can't afford it.

In an op-ed for the Washington Examiner, Sen. Cruz also warned that Joe's plan would seriously undermine U.S. energy independence - and ultimately our national security.

BOTTOM LINE: We can't afford to play games with the millions of hardworking men and women whose livelihoods - and way of life - depend on a vibrant energy sector. AOC, Joe Biden, and the rest of the radical environmentalists in Washington are trying to eviscerate our energy independence and blue-collar economy.

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