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Information for Texans currently in Israel

UPDATE: 10/12/23

In the wake of Hamas’s initiation of war against Israel, the U.S. State Department is currently planning DEPARTURE ASSISTANCE for American citizens stuck in Israel. Texans currently in Israel should observe the following steps.

1. Fill out the U.S. State Department’s Crisis Intake Form:

a. Crisis Intake Form:

b. Affected individuals can also call the U.S. Embassy in Israel at the following phone numbers: 833-890-9595, 606-641-0131, or local number 03-519-7426

c. The State Department will respond to your Crisis Intake Form with an email containing additional instructions. YOU MUST REPLY TO THE STATE DEPARTMENT EMAIL IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR DEPARTURE ASSISTANCE.

2.Enroll in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

3. Stay apprised of developing events in Israel via U.S. Embassy in Israel website.

4. For Texans needing additional assistance, fill out and sign (digital signature is allowed) our Senate Office’s Privacy Form and email it to This form allows Senator Cruz’s staff to speak with the State Department about your situation.

b. When you email our office with your privacy form, please also briefly explain your situation.


1. Some commercial flight options are still available at certain airports. Individuals remain free to explore these options in addition to the State Department’s departure assistance. However, neither our office nor the State Department can advise Texans on whether and how to use commercial flight options.

2. Some people and organizations are chartering private flights to move Americans from Israel into other, safer friendly nations. These arise through informal channels—most notably on social media—and there is no way for our office or the State Department to monitor these.