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Sen. Cruz Honors Life of Fallen Harris County Hero, Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal

‘Houston is the most diverse big city in America. Deputy Dhaliwal embodied that diversity and he was an ambassador for understanding’

October 2, 2019



HOUSTON, Texas - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) today delivered remarks at the funeral service for Harris County Sheriff's Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal, the first Sikh to serve in the position. There, Sen. Cruz paid tribute to Deputy Dhaliwal's life of service and dedication to peace and love.

Watch Sen. Cruz's full remarks here or read them below:

"We are here today celebrating a hero. We are here today as a community - grieving together, standing together expressing our unity and our love.

"Last Friday, Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal's life was tragically taken in the line of duty. Since we heard the news of his passing on Friday, just a few days ago, there has been a ceaseless stream of commemorations and testimony to Deputy Dhaliwal's character in this community. And upon reflecting on his life, three things stand out: His commitment to his faith, his commitment to his family, and his commitment to serve others.

"Deputy Dhaliwal was deeply moved by his Sikh faith. When he was recruited by the sheriff's office, he petitioned the office to allow him to wear his turban and beard while in uniform, and he became the first to be allowed to do so.

"He also knew how important law enforcement officers are to our community, how they keep us safe from those who wish us harm. This was also tied deeply to his Sikh faith, as Sikhs take very seriously the right to bear arms and helping those in need. As we have seen today, many Sikhs serve in law enforcement and in the military, and Deputy Dhaliwal answered the call to do that by serving in the sheriff's office here in Harris County.

"Deputy Dhaliwal was also a dedicated husband, father, and son and brother. To his family, and especially his wife and three beautiful, young children: Know that this community is with you, supporting you, lifting you up, and we are grateful for your father's service, his sacrifice, and his legacy.

"We also remember Deputy Dhaliwal's commitment to love and peace - a love and peace he showed not only to the Houston community, but also to each person he served.

"When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Deputy Dhaliwal served meals to those who were left homeless. In the wake of Hurricane Maria, he traveled to Puerto Rico to assist in the relief efforts there. He also worked to deliver water and supplies to Punjab, India, while the area was suffering from a severe drought. He leaves behind an unmistakably beautiful legacy of a life marked with service and devotion to others.

"Many of us here were also at the 2015 funeral of another local hero, Deputy Darren Goforth. I for one have been to too many funerals of law enforcement heroes who risk their lives every day.

"Deputy Dhaliwal also visited the Goforth Memorial daily. He urged us, ‘Just wear blue. Wear blue and be proud of that. And that shows your support to law enforcement, simple as that.' It is wonderful, beautiful, to see so much blue here this morning.

"Harris County and all of Texas grieves and mourns for Deputy Dhaliwal and his family, and our hearts are heavy as we bid farewell to him. Know that Heidi and I, and all of us in Houston and across Texas and across the country, are lifting up in prayer Deputy Dhaliwal's family and his friends, and the men and women of the Harris County Sheriff's Office who served alongside him and now bear the responsibility of carrying on his legacy.

"This week, Pyara Dhaliwal, Deputy Dhaliwal's dad, said that with his son's death, he has lost his hero. And that's exactly what Deputy Dhaliwal was - a hero. But he will be remembered in this community, and his legacy of selfless service will live on. This community and the entire state of Texas are better for having known him. Houston is the most diverse big city in America. Deputy Dhaliwal embodied that diversity and he was an ambassador for understanding - understanding that we need today and everyday going forward. May he rest in peace and may God bless each of you."




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