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Newsmax: Cruz, Others Fulfill Promise to Donate Shutdown Pay

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, one of the main players in last fall's 16-day government shutdown, was among the lawmakers who gave his salary for the time period to charity.

During the shutdown, 244 lawmakers pledged to give back their salaries or donate them to charity, reports The Washington Post. but a new analysis shows that only about half of them returned part or all of their pay.

Cruz followed through on his promise, donating $7,627.40, representing his full pay for the 16 days, to YES Prep, a Houston charter school system he and his wife, Heidi, have long supported.

In all, 116 out of the 244 lawmakers making the pledge reported donating more than $494,500 to charities or government accounts to help pay down the federal deficit. During a shutdown, lawmakers must be paid because their salaries come from mandatory government spending.

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