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It's Time to Make DC Listen

An American Energy Renaissance

We are on the cusp of a Great American Energy Renaissance that will create both a stronger economy and a stronger America. The energy revolution that is already underway can produce the jobs and opportunities that our country needs to grow. A booming new energy economy can also provide critical resources to our allies so they are no longer energy dependent on petro-tyrants, such as Russia's Vladimir Putin. This is a win-win. The only thing the federal government needs to do is get out of the way and let Americans do what they do best: dream, innovate, and prosper.

Sen. Cruz's bill would:

  • Leave regulation of hydraulic fracturing in state hands.
  • Streamline the permitting process for upgrading existing and building new refineries.
  • Phase out and repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) over five years.
  • Immediately approve and allow the private sector to build the Keystone pipeline.
  • Remove barriers to developing and approving additional national pipelines and cross-border energy infrastructure.
  • Exclude greenhouse gases from regulation by the EPA and other federal agencies.
  • Stop certain EPA regulations that will adversely impact coal and electric power plants.
  • Require Congress to approve and the President to sign EPA regulations that will have a negative job impact, rather than allowing them to hide behind bureaucrats who are assumed to be responsible for them now.
  • Expand energy development on federal lands by providing states the option of leasing, permitting and regulating energy resources (oil and gas, wind and solar) on federal lands within their borders.
  • Expand energy development in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska and on Indian Lands.
  • Open up the Coastal Plain of Alaska (ANWR) for development.
  • Expand the offshore areas of the Outer Continental Shelf (OSC) available for development.
  • Streamline the permitting process for additional offshore exploration.
  • Expand LNG exports by facilitating permits. End the crude oil export ban.
  • Prevent excessively broad environmental review of coal export terminals.
  • Direct all additional revenues generated by exploration and drilling on federal lands (excluding the share allocated to the states) exclusively to national debt reduction.

Repeal Obamacare

One thing is becoming increasingly clear -- Obamacare is a disaster. Each day, new reports are being released that shine a spotlight on the millions of Americans who are losing their health care plans or being forced to pay significantly more because of the ironically named "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act." It's time we make DC listen to the American people.

Enough is enough. Americans are hurting because of this misguided law, and it is time we make DC listen. Will you stand with me in this fight?

Obamacare must be stopped. We can stop it from hurting even more Americans if we stand together on principle to repeal it!


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