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Sen. Cruz on ‘Fox & Friends’: The Democratic Party Is Defined by One Thing: Hatred of Donald Trump

February 4, 2020



WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), chairman of the Subcommittee on The Constitution, this morning appeared on Fox News' ‘Fox & Friends' ahead of President Trump's State of the Union address and acquittal. Highlights are below.

WATCH: CRUZ ON FOX & FRIENDS: Dems' Impeachment Sham Is Nearly Over, the President Will Be Acquitted

State of the Union Should Focus on Economic Successes and Security Victories:

"I expect to see some angry partisan Democrats behaving as sore losers. Let me tell you what I hope we see the President do is I hope he goes above it. I hope we see tonight, an optimistic, positive speech focused on victories, focused on successes, focused on the economic results, the security results.

"I talked to the President this weekend and what I encouraged him, I said, ‘Look, don't even talk about impeachment. This is in the rear-view mirror. Don't even talk about it. Lay out your vision. This is what we have accomplished together, and this is what we can keep accomplishing.' That's what I hope we see tonight, and I tell you, I think just about every Republican Senator - that's what we hope we see tonight."

The Senate Will Acquit President Trump:

"I thought Adam Schiff's closing was much less effective than his opening. In his opening, listen, Adam Schiff is a very talented trial lawyer. He tells a story. He paints a canvas, and he did an effective job for his side. By the closing, he was just pissed, and his closing was standing there basically yelling at the Senate, ‘I can't believe you people aren't voting with me'. I don't think that was effective. I don't even think it was designed to be effective. I think he's just angry, and listen, we see that anger reflected among the far left base.

"The reason this impeachment happened is because the base is furious. They hate Donald Trump, and it's unfortunate that the Democratic Party today is defined by one thing: hatred of Donald Trump. Whatever Trump is for, he's against. If Trump tomorrow cured cancer, you would see the [Democrats] screaming that he's contributing to world overpopulation."

Democrats Who Cannot Count Votes Want to Run Your Healthcare:

"You know it's interesting, the [Democrats] right now; they can't stand in the gymnasium and count who stands under which sign, and they are the ones who want to be put in charge of our health care and everything else in our life. I mean, these are the socialist candidates who say, ‘We know best. Trust us to run your life'. Well guys, how about figure out how to count your votes first."




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